Numberplate Relocation Bracket

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Custom Cub Honda C90 Numberplate Relocation Bracket. 

Also fits C50,C70, & Cubs and many other bikes with a M12 rear spindle.

This kit includes

1 - 2nos CNC laser cut & folded plates (painted black)

This kit allow you to mount your numberplate & tail light to the offside swinging arm. It fits behind the rear shock absorber and above exhaust.

We also offer this bracket as a one piece numberplate bracket. This would suit a bike where the tail light is mounted central on the mudguard.

The conversions is pretty straight forward and if you are rebuilding or modifying your bike then its a great little modification. The bracket bolts onto the swinging arm using the spindle bolt to locate

You can use your original tail light or use an aftermarket light with similar bolt holes (85-120mm apart)

Please note: You will need to consult your local MOT inspector with regards to this modification.

If you have any questions about the item or your build then I would be happy to answer any questions. I will be posting up more products which I have made for my own build shortly.