Universal Tail Tidy Bracket

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Universal tail tidy or fender eliminator kit. This bracket allows you to re mount your number plate, tail light and indicators.

This bracket will fit any custom bike build from Honda, Triumph, Norton, Ducati and Yamaha.

The bracket has been designed to be as universal as possible whilst still looking simple and sleek. Manufactured in the UK from 3mm mild steel makes this product very strong & powder coated black gives it a durable finish.

  • Two 6.5mm elongated holes at the front are spaced wide enough apart to mount most standard aftermarket tail lights. (80mm-120mm wide)


  • Two 8.5mm holes each side of the bracket are positioned to mount your indicators. If required,  these can be drilled out to fit a larger indicator.


  • Two 6.5mm elongated holes on the folded part of the bracket allow some flexibility when fixing it to your bike. They are positioned 30mm apart and elongated 10mm.


  • Fixing your numberplate to the bracket is very easy, Two 6.5mm holes can be used to bolt or screw your metal or plastic plate onto. If you decide not to mount a tail light to this bracket you can always mount you number plate over the tail light holes

This bracket is designed to mount under a motorcycle seat, onto the rear framework or onto a custom bracket. It does not come with indicators, tails lights.